Unforgettable adventures in Fiji

Fiji - it sounds magically. The Fijian Islands can satisfy any desires and needs. With an incredible underwater excursion you will discover majestic corals, graceful turtles, lovely dolphins and tropical fish. It's so romantic lying in a hammock together, drinking a tropical cocktail and dreaming about your future or walking among lush valleys and wild flowers with bright butterflies and birds' melodious serenades. Fiji can offer you a lot of spa options for your full relaxation. You can enjoy a tandem massage together listening to the whisper of palm trees, breathing the unique fragrance of exotic flowers and delighting breathtaking ocean views. Are you looking for exciting sensations and vivid memories? This Fiji honeymoon tour has been designed for you!


Taveuni Island

Welcome to Taveuni, the third-largest island in Fiji. It is also known as the Garden Island of Fiji. Tauveni is a favorite place for divers. Today you will discover the underwater life together. During a fabulous journey you will see the coral gardens and diverse tropical fish. After lunch you can enjoy swimming and splashing in the crystal-clear water. In the evening you will have dinner at a beach front restaurant sipping tropical cocktails and watching dolphins.


Lavena Coastal Walk on Taveuni

After breakfast you will enjoy an amazing Lavena coastal hike. This walk will show you the untouched beauty of the green island. During your guided tour you will take a delight in wild coastline, breathtaking views, black sand beaches, coconut groves, gorgeous forests and picturesque waterfalls.


Bouma Waterfalls

Fiji is the world of waterfalls. Have you ever swim in the majestic waterfalls? It's very romantic and incomparable. Today you will have a magnificent hike to Bouma Waterfalls. You will never forget swimming in the stunning waterfalls with birds' songs! It's the best time to say "I love you"!


Free day

This day is aimed at relaxation. You will take pleasure in horse riding along the beaches and delight spectacular scenery. Then you will have a fabulous spa experience. You will find a lot of spa and wellness therapies for your body and soul. Maybe, you would want to relax in a milky bath with exotic flowers or enjoy massages with coconut oils and creams.



This day is devoted to kayaking. Kayaking around Tauveni is extraordinary. Here you will experience kayaking with dolphins. Life is beautiful and you will feel it with all your heart!


South Sea Cruise

Gorgeous South Sea Island is one of hidden gems of the Mamanuca Islands. A full day South Sea Cruise is the best option to spend time together in the paradise! You and your sweetheart will be excited. Feel the romantic atmosphere of Fiji!


Free days

You can do everything you want during your sweet adventure. You can take surf lessons or play golf. Just make sure to photograph the entire extraordinary beauty of Fiji!

We have designed this honeymoon tour to help you explore the island and appreciate its natural beauty. You can expect a lot of romantic activities, funny memories and fantastic photos. After your Fiji adventure you can confidently say: "We have been in Fiji! We have been in the tropical paradise!"