The real Fiji experience

Once upon a time, God has created an island from the coral sand and palm trees. This island is the unique place where the sun and skies merge together; where gorgeous mountains blend with green hills, tropical forests and crystal-clear rivers; where the breath stops, the heart beats and feelings awake. Here time has no power. The rustle of palm trees and the whisper of ocean will cradle you. Snow-white secluded beaches ideally harmonize with crystal clear lagoons. It's Fiji, the paradise on the Earth! The idyllic charm and beauty of these islands create the perfect atmosphere for lovers. Just imagine sweet kisses under the magnificent waterfall among lush gardens and extraordinary flowers - Fiji is delightful! Our Fiji honeymoon tour has been designed for couples who want to combine relaxation and adventure.



Your journey starts in Suva, the capital of Fiji! Today you will see the splendid Sacred Heart Cathedral Church and admire its majestic beauty. It's a great idea to take camera and photograph this cathedral inside to share its idyllic splendor with your friends! Later on you will relax on the beaches among coconut palms. In the evening you can swim together in the ocean under the twinkling stars!


Spa day

Are you a spa lover? Today you will visit the Pure Fiji Spa Complex. It combines ancient traditions and advanced technologies to provide you with the best results. Here your body and soul will relax. Coconut milk bath, pleasurable massages, spa treatments with fresh fruits and oils will make you forget about all your worries.


Orchid Island

Today you will get acquainted with the Fijian history and culture. After breakfast you will visit Orchid Island, one of Suva's hidden gems. The guided tour to this place is the best way to discover local culture and customs. The unique collection of old artifacts, photos, documents, stunning Fijian temples and exotic flora will impress you! Orchid Island keeps ancient secrets and traditions. It is no surprise that Orchid Island is also known as 'Mini Fiji'. You will enjoy a canoe ride through Fijian villages to learn more about local people and their lifestyle.


Colo-I-Suva Forest Park

Your next destination is Colo-I-Suva Forest Park. A lovely walk among lush jungles and swimming together under the spectacular waterfalls are the best experiences for lovers. This park offers several hiking trails to match your individual needs. You will be impressed by the magnificent Waisila Falls! Moreover, Colo-I-Suva Forest Park is the perfect place to have a picnic, listen to the babble of birds and admire the fabulous natural beauty.


Shopping in Suva

Have you ever experienced shopping with your sweetheart? Shopping in Suva is fun and enjoyable. Fiji is famous for fresh seafood. We recommend you to visit Suva Municipal Market which will amaze you with friendly people and a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, seafood and spices. Make sure to visit Municipal Handicraft Centre. Here you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts which are great examples of the Fijian art.


Yasawa Islands

The pristine beauty of these Fiji islands will strike you with its gorgeous beaches, fairy sunsets and sunrises and spectacular ocean views. These tropical islands have been created especially for lovers. Enjoy the moments of joy and happiness!

We are happy to make your honeymoon vacations splendid and never-to-be-forgotten. All your dreams and wishes will come true. We promise this Fiji journey will add the most incredible impressions to your life! Our Fiji honeymoon tour is the first step to your coupledom. Relax your mind, body and soul together with our Fiji honeymoon tour!