The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever!
Fiji honeymoons

Fiji is sonorous with luxury island vacations. The island offers you an endless level of possibilities to choose from. Pristine beaches, crystal clear water, white sand and luxury bungalows are just a few that come to mind.

Drenched in sunshine and warm tempters Fiji is the perfect honeymoon destination.

A honeymoon in Fiji means relaxing. There's no better place to unwind from the stress of planning a wedding or just everyday life than a white sand beach with a beverage in your hand overlooking the incredible sunset.

The Islands of Fiji are known for their beaches but it's the people and community you will truly remember for a lifetime. Colorful markets, Fijian cuisine, pleasant and welcoming people - all make a holiday in Fiji an unforgettable one.

The unique beauty of Fiji is called Pacific paradise on earth. Its coral coasts are full of excellent resorts that meet the diverse tastes of honeymooners. Fiji is for your enjoyment and real relaxation.

Our agency focuses on its customers and making sure they have a great Fiji honeymoon.

For those of you who like a little adventure Fiji is ideal because you can hike, trek, bike and boat all around The Bounty Islands.

A trip to Fiji is the perfect wedding gift. A place where romance is combined with the perfect backdrop.

Leave all your worries behind and get lost in the Fiji Islands!

The Fiji Islands are not only for honeymoons. The scenery in Fiji makes for the perfect backdrop for your destination wedding; many wedding ceremonies in Fiji have won worldwide fame. Michelle Pfeiffer, Bill Gates, legendary Ringo Starr and Pierce Brosnan chose Fiji.

Has getting married or spending your honeymoon on an island always been a dream? Well dream no more because Fiji with its more than 300 islands is the right place to make any wedding or honeymoon a perfect event.

Did you know?

Almost half of all tourists who come to the islands of Fiji are couples or those who want to celebrate their honeymoon.

We specialize in Fiji all inclusive honeymoon experiences and our staff has the latest knowledge of the islands. This allows us to always organize a truly memorable and amazing event.

Beautiful nature, sea, sun and love are all around. Fiji is no doubt a romantic adventure for two!

Your wedding and your honeymoon are one of the most memorable and important events in your life.

The most important thing when choosing a place for your honeymoon is picking the right location and working with an expert who can plan your trip properly.

Our travel team's goal is to make every effort to ensure that your honeymoon will be the brightest and the best moment in your life!

We pay special attention and give an individual approach to each trip we plan - from the very first step we develop, plan and shape each element of your honeymoon trip to Fiji.

We will work with your creative ideas and our high level of knowledge to produce the perfect trip.

Our agents will help you design the ideal vacation for you. Your honeymoon should be remembered for a lifetime and we provide high level of service that will turn your journey into the exciting, romantic and really beautiful trip of a lifetime.

Relax in anticipation of an unforgettable Fiji honeymoon!

We provide personalized complete packages of services for your honeymoons in Fiji, including flights, accommodation, hotels, transfers, organizing and conducting formal and symbolic ceremonies and much more.

If you are not sure about how to make your honeymoon the most memorable one - we are ready to help you!

Fill out our simple form or call us and we will organize an unforgettable romantic tour to Fiji especially for you!

We will tell you about the places and routes where you are able to fully experience all the magic of your holiday, help organize a trip and take care of all the formalities for you to enjoy those wonderful days during your honeymoon!

We can provide you with a complete tour or create an exclusive travel itinerary from scratch.

If you would like to spend a few days alone in paradise - we'll take care of all the arrangements for making your Fiji dreams come true.

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